Life is full of new beginnings.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is to give ourselves permission to believe in our abilities & go forward, regardless of outward appearances.

After all, the caterpillar does indeed evolve into a beautiful butterfly!


Jani Kendy

Energy Coach, Reiki, Lemurian Light Practitioner

Artist & Certified Angel Card Reader ™

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Stillness and balance…. elusive yet every once in awhile I get there. My hope for this blog site is to share some of my journey and, in doing so, afford others a sense of validation and peace. We are indeed all in this together and, while we each have our own priorities and varied life styles, there is a common thread of connection.The underlying “theme” of my life has been to give myself permission to create art. After dropping out of University of Michigan School of Art, I put that part of my abilities on hold. Back then, the idea of creating art as an income producer was not acceptable.

I tried for many years to be what was expected of me, ignoring the creative part of me in order to get a “real” job. When I finally decided to resurrect the art side, I had a difficult time taking it off of hold. So, my quest to identify whatever was blocking that creativity lead to seeking stillness and, in turn, acknowledging my whole self, all of my abilities. I still struggle with that even though my life has brought me many joys and blessings.

Along the path, over many years, I have realized that I am not alone in my struggle to find a balance between that which society tells us to do and that which is tugging on my heart in regards to being one with nature, with creativity and with others.The twists and turns of these past years have revealed many connections…My hope is that my stories and art can help others who are also struggling to sort out and balance that which they feel called to pursue with that which they are told to do.

Life definitely provides many twists and turns and, in my case, the connections and directions were and continue to be nothing like I had imagined years ago when I acknowledged my journey’s beginning.

Along the way the stillness has manifested in opportunities to reach out to others with Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki and spiritual commonalities. Connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels, opening to the healing and helping energies of Source and the Universe has propelled me to help other do the same.

This blog site will include thoughts & nature observations that have inspired me and kept me going through challenging times, Oracle & Angel Card Readings, tai chi and qigong videos and resources that I have found helpful as I go where I am led.

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Jani
    Good on you for having a website – I still have never managed to do one!
    Love reading your comments on the Prosperity Tribe – I admire your transparency and spirit.
    Take care, i care

  2. thanks helma,
    i really appreciate your support :) i am enjoying the prosperity tribe – a bit overwhelming with all the posts and emails, but well worth the effort and participation. looking forward to continued sharing.

  3. Hi Jani!

    Thanks for sharing your new website. I think it is amazing you have put this together. Congratulations and you are my inspiration!!! Yay!

    Your voice is clear and your words wise.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Jani! I met you at Marion and David’s in VA. So nice to see your new site. I didn’t know you had moved to TN. I have a cousin in Memphis. Best of luck with you new ventures.

  5. Hi Jani
    So nice to meet you this past weekend in Hendersonville. The Lemurian crystal I purchased from you sits on an end table by my sofa. It feels good just to hold it. It really does have a very peaceful feeling about it. Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon.

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